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General Information

In recent years, self storage auctions have started moving online. This shift allows storage owners and operators to move away from the burdens of a live auction. Online auctions have many advantages:

  • There are no large crowds gathered at your facility for the sale. Auction day does not have to drive away rentals!
  • You can schedule auctions at your convenience. You can have an auction any time you need one!
  • There is a larger buyer base for online auctions, which usually means that you will recover more money for your units.
  • Your seller fees may be much lower than for live auctions.

Are you ready to sell your stuff now?

How It Works

Account Setup

We have a sophisticated account setup that will appeal to single facility owners, as well as larger companies with many facilities. Not only can you create multiple companies with many different users, you can assign special permissions to each of your users. Do you have a District Manager or Area Manager that wants to review the units before they are published? No problem, you can make it so that the AM or DM is the only person that can publish the auction after reviewing it.

To setup your organization’s account, go to www.StorageStuff.Bid and click on Create New Account, found in the upper right hand corner. Choose I am a Seller. Insert your name and your facility/organization information and StorageStuff.Bid will take you to your Dashboard, where you can begin to enter Profiles for Locations and add Users from your organization.

Preparing for Auction

Once you have delinquent units that you want to post on StorageStuff.Bid, you will need to make sure you are careful to follow all of your state statutes regarding self storage lien sales. You can find the information for each state on our website. We have also provided some frequently asked questions that our auctioneers think might be helpful to you. You can also call our Customer Service Team at (877) 758-4243 for help with any questions you have.

When you prepare your auction letters, please note that the location of the sale will be at www.StorageStuff.Bid.

Creating Your Profiles/Locations

This is where you will enter your location information. Be sure to select the correct time zone, so that your auctions will close at the correct time! After you save your Profile/Location, you can view it from the View Profiles/Locations tab.

Adding Users

You can add as many Users as you would like. After you enter the user information, you must choose if this person is an “Administrator’ or just a “User’. Administrators can view all Profiles/Locations and has all Permissions. An Administrator would be a person who you want to manage the entire account. A “User’ only has access to the profiles that are assigned to them. To assign Profiles and Permissions, click on User Permissions and choose what permissions each User will have for each Profile. You can choose from “Read Only,’ Draft,’ and “Everything.’ If you set a user for “Draft’ status, they will not be able to publish the units for sale, they will only be able to create and edit the draft. Only a user that is set up as the “Account Holder’, an “Administrator’, or as a “User’ with the setting for “Everything’ can publish an auction.


This section allows you to audit your Profiles/Locations and your Users.

Utilize the “User’s Permissions’ report to ensure that each of your profiles have the correct Users assigned, and the Users have the correct Role assigned. You can also edit permissions from this report.

Listing a Unit

Click on New Auction on the left side of your dashboard. Select the Profile/Location you wish to list a unit for. Enter the auction and unit information. When you click save, the unit will be automatically saved to your drafts. To access your drafts, open your Profile/Location and click on the Draft Auctions tab. Once you access your draft auction, you will need to upload at least one picture before you can publish your auction. After you publish your auction, you cannot edit the auction. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team at (877) 758-4243.

You can remove a unit from auction at any time if your tenant pays their bill. However, there might be a cancellation fee applied. You will not be charged any fees if a unit does not sell during the auction.

After the Sale

After the sale, you will receive an email letting you know who won the unit and how much they bid. You will also receive their contact information in the event you need to contact them.

The buyer will have 24-72 hours to come to the facility, pay you, and clean out the unit. The specific time frame is up to you to decide. We do ask that you specify how long buyers will have to remove the items in the additional information section of your auction listing. This section is found in the bottom right-hand corner of the auction listing page and it is a great place for you to list any policies and procedures specific to your company.

Screenshot of Additional Information input UI

If the buyer does not show up during the 24-72 hours, please contact our Customer Service Team at (877) 758-4243 or through email using our "Contact Us" form and we will contact the back-up bidder for you.

General FAQs

1. I forgot my username and/or password. How can I find it?

Your username will be the email address that was used to set up your account.

2. How do I reset or change my password?

If you would like to change your password, go to My Settings. This will open the page to update your password. Enter your new password, confirm your new password, and then save your changes.

3. How much does it cost to list an auction on StorageStuff.Bid?

We charge a seller’s fee on every unit you sell. This will be a percentage of the sale price. If the unit does not receive any bids before it closes, there will be no charge for that unit. Additionally, we may charge up to a $20 cancellation fee on any units you remove prior to the auction end date and time. You have several different options for payment to StorageStuff.Bid. This can be done by credit card or by invoice. If you wish to use a credit card, simply enter your payment information in the Billing section found on the gray dashboard on the left side of your screen. If you would like to setup invoicing, please contact your account representative or our accounting department to learn the many different options available to you.

4. Do I have to be a storage facility to sell my storage unit?

Yes, you must be a storage facility. At this time, StorageStuff.Bid only allows the sale of storage units that have been through the lien and foreclosure process.

5. What happens if a unit does not get any bids?

Once you have followed the lien process, you are free to dispose of the unit in anyway you see fit. You will not be charged any fees for any units that do not sell at auction.

6. How do I cancel an auction?

You can access your auctions it by clicking View Profiles on the left side of the website, under the Profiles/Locations tab. When you see the profile/location that you want to access, click the view icon beside your profile/location. Go to your Published Auctions and click Cancel.

7. The winning bidder will pay me. What form(s) of payment should I take?

Auctions are usually cash only; however, you are free to collect whatever forms of payment you like.

8. Should I charge sales tax?

This depends on which state you are located in. Most states will require that you charge sales tax on the purchase. Check with your local department of revenue if you are unsure.

9. Can I sell a vehicle at auction on StorageStuff.Bid?

Yes, but not in all states. Be careful to follow all state lien laws and check with your local department of motor vehicles to ensure all requirements for gaining title have been met. If you have questions about selling a vehicle, you can also reach out to one of our auctioneers for assistance. Contact them at (877) 758-4243 or through email using our "Contact Us" form.

10. What is a cleaning deposit and should I charge one?

A cleaning deposit is money that you hold temporarily to ensure that the winning bidder cleans out the storage unit. If you decide to collect a cleaning deposit, you will return it once you have verified that the unit is clean.

11. Do I still have to follow all state lien laws for an online auction?

Yes. The fact that the auction is taking place online does not excuse you from following any state statutes in place.

12. Can I edit my auction after it is posted?

No. If you need assistance please contact our Customer Service Team at (877) 758-4243.

13. Can I change the date and time of the auction after it is posted?

No. If you need assistance please contact our Customer Service Team at (877) 758-4243.

14. You ask me to provide the amount of debt owed. Will this show on the auction listing?

No. We only ask for this information to help you see what percentage of your loss you are recovering.

15. What should I do if the winning bidder does not contact me after the auction?

Let us know and we will contact the back-up bidder to purchase the unit. We will also ban that user from sales at your facility if you would like.